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“Don't worry about your originality. You couldn't get rid of it even if you wanted to. It will stick with you and show up for better or worse in spite of all you or anyone else can do.”
― Robert Henris.

“Art is either revolution or plagiarism”
― Paul Gauguin



Finding the right artist to create your painting is the key to owning a piece you, your family, or your organization, will enjoy and value for a lifetime. It is best to find an artist whose style reflects what you are looking for and who has experience producing paintings in the style you desire.

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How to hire a photographer


Why hire a professional?

Professionals have the skill and equipment to do the job. Good photographers have “The Eye” for it and can just make better photos than everyone else.

A big part of what you are paying for is confidence. You want to know that it will be done right, the first time, with minimum hassles. Professionals have a system in place to not lose photos. If you don’t lose your photographer, she should be able to service your order for years to come. It frees other people up to do their jobs (and do them better). It’s a team effort, why play more parts than you need to?

Professionals probably have better equipment than you do, and more importantly, have more support. They will have multiple cameras (in case one breaks), spare batteries, flash cards, etc. If the job requires it, they can light the photo to show your subject in it’s best light. The camera that John Q Public uses is often a $200 point & shoot, and they are fine for holidays and vacations, but don’t capture spontaneity very well, and the files have problems that show
up in printing.

Pros match the equipment to the job. Some assignments can be done on mid-level DSLR
cameras, some require high-end DSLRs, and some require specialized equipment—a digital Hasselblad can cost $40,000 for a camera and one lens!


Decide what pictures you need from the assignment and what type of photographer can produce it.

Research the budget for the assignment Find out what media and other special requirements you have from the post-shoot production team.

Decide what usage rights you need, and what rights you just want. Usage is closely linked to price.

Many companies request “all rights” even though they only need limited rights. If you don’t need billboard use in Singapore, why pay for it? On the other hand, if you are
shooting a conference for your company newsletter and might want to use a photo in the Annual Report, it may be cheaper to negotiate that additional use up front.

Sources for photographers

-Trade association directories (ASMP, APA, NPPA, PPA)
-Sourcebooks (Blackbook, etc.)
-Yellowpages (not used much for commercial photographers)
-Referrals (Very useful)
-Direct mail (you’ve received)
If you’re young, don’t be afraid to hire an experienced photographer. Remember that if you

hire a good photographer you look good too.


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I'm a wildlife photographer offering landscape and avain subjects. Also, available for portraiture and weddings. gallery...